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Photographer based in Brasilia/DF, Brazil

Grandson of grandmother from Goiás and grandfather from São Paulo, son of a mother from Brasília and father from Rio Grande do Sul, I am Bruno Abdala, as you already know. I’m from Brasília, candango by birth and by heart.

I’m glad you were interested in my work. I always like to say that it is very gratifying when someone looks for me to learn more about what I do.


  • Landscape photographer

    I started my path in photography at the end of 2019, when I bought my first digital camera. I always liked to photograph different things, food, animals, sun, moon, landscapes. But it was in this crazy year of 2020, in the midst of this pandemic that we are experiencing, that I made a great immersion in the world of this art, which is photography. Since then, every day I am more surprised by this profession.

    There is every fantastic place in this world to photograph and enjoy. But I’m from the school of simplicity, less is more — I always try to bring nature into focus, and the uniqueness of the simple. That’s the goal. If it’s beautiful or not, you’re going to tell me!

    My equipment is my ally. The technique is always improving. We train the look, each with its own particularity. And as each one has its own look, mine is unique and that nobody takes away from me!


  • I created this site to share with you not only what I see, but what I feel.

    I want to show you a little bit of what I do and contribute to lightening your life through my work.

  • I was honored to have been awarded in photographic competitions, including at an international level, in such a short time.

    Now I’m here to share joys!


  • Prêmio Olhar Brasília de Fotografia 2020

    3rd Place – Popular Jury category. Photo: “Airplane over the Garden”

  • Brasília Photo Show 2020

    Gold Medal in the category Brasília 60 years. Photo: “The Face of Brasilia”

    International Award
  • Brasília Photo Show 2020

    Bronze Medal in the category Brasília 60 years. Photo: “The Color of the Cerrado”

    International Award
  • Brasília em Foto

    First place overall. Photo: “Reflexes of the Capital”

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