Award “Olhar Brasília de Fotografia”

Categoria Júri Popular, 2020

  • Location:

    Botanical Garden of Brasília

  • Data:

    October 6th, 2019

  • Equipamento:

    iPhone 7 Plus

The picture took place in October 2019, on my goddaughter’s birthday celebration. During the celebration, I began to hear the noise of planes flying over the region. Suddenly, I realized that one of them was going to pass right above us. I didn’t think twice: I took out my cell phone and managed to register the moment when it was right in the middle of these specimens of our Cerrado, in Brasília’s Botanical Garden.

My ally, then, was my iPhone 7 Plus which, at the time, provided a image of great social impact, ensuring a place on the podium by popular vote.

Avião sobre o Jardim
Exceptional Talent

There are different understandings about the symbol Brasilia represents and the inspiration of Lúcio Costa when designing the Plano Piloto. This photo, for me, reflects the city in a special way: its airplane shape stamped in this unique sky, surrounded by the Cerrado of our Garden (Botanical).

Bruno Abdala

Botanical Garden of Brasília

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