A paradise

called Lençóis Maranhenses


The Lençóis Maranhenses can be divided into Grandes and Pequenos Lençóis. The Grandes are best known for their white sands, larger lagoons, and are located within the National Park, which only 4×4 accredited vehicles can enter. So, don’t think that with a private 4×4 you’ll be able to enter the park. The Pequenos Lençóis, on the other hand, have smaller lakes and the sand has a more yellowish hue.


Who doesn’t like to admire such a landscape?! This tone of colors that make up the environment brings peace to the eyes. The lagoons are beautiful and, if you want, you can even plan a night walk under the moonlight. I still will! And you? Have courage?

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The Grandes Lençóis has an area corresponding to the city of São Paulo. It’s sand and lagoon as far as the eye can see! As a general rule, the times when the lakes are quite full are June, July and August. It is also a time when the city is full of tourists from all over the world. Most people stay in the city of Barreirinhas, which is the best structured in the region and provides a large part of the access to the National Park.



I hope everyone has an opportunity to visit this piece of paradise in our Brazil!

Our Works

Santo Amaro of Maranhão

There in Santo Amaro do Maranhão I took a small boat to reach this village — Betânia. There are some houses, water and sand, and a free-range chicken with rice, beans and pasta. After this lunch seasoned with that homemade taste, I decided to admire the surrounding landscape. I thought: why not take off the drone and see the environment from above? That was the result. I was really surprised by the geographical beauty of the place and its natural composition.


Start to see life in a lighter way. Start looking at the details around you. They are not there for nothing: they have an important meaning. Discover, admire, whatever your goal is. Nature has a place in everyone’s life.

Bruno Abdala

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